The following highlights courses I have taught or am currently teaching, as well as educational activities in which I have been involved. Although most of the material listed here can be considered teaching, research activities are implicitly included: what is learned from teaching is carried over to research, and what is learned from research is the basis for what we teach.

Undergraduate Courses

Honors General Chemistry II  [Download PDF]
Honors General Chemistry is designed to promote critical thinking skills to chemistry, biochemistry and forensics students. The topics covered in the second semester include thermodynamics, kinetics, equilibrium, acid-base, electrochemistry and nuclear chemistry.

Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences [Download PDF]
PChem of the life sciences is designed as a one semester survey course for B.A. biochemists. In this course we discuss topics from the areas of thermodynamics, kinetics, quantum, and spectroscopy.

Topics in Chemistry [Download PDF]
Topics in Chemistry is a seminar style course in which the students are introduced to topics that normally would not have exposure to in our chemistry curriculum. Several topics are chosen at the beginning of the semester. From this list of courses the students are then given the responsibility of creating lectures for the entire class.

Graduate Courses

Molecular Modeling [Download PDF]
This course covers a variety of molecular modeling topics including basic scripting, visualization, force-fields, molecular dynamics, enhanced sampling, docking, pharmacophores, free energy methods and drug design. Software to be used includes Python, LaTeX, MOE, VMD, NAMD, HTMD/acemd, and Gaussian.

Quantum, Structure & Dynamics I [Download PDF]
This is a graduate level course designed to show students the interplay between quantum mechanics, quantum chemistry, and spectroscopy.

Thermodynamics & Kinetics [Download PDF]
In this graduate level course the students are introduced to classical thermodynamics, statistical thermodynamics, and kinetics.